How to Create Apple Id Without Credit Card

How to Create Apple ID without Credit card:

On an iPhone,iPod or iPad

1.To Create Apple Account Without any Payment Method First Open App Store app, iTunes Store app or iBooks app.
2.Choose any free app,song,video or Book from There.
3. Now click on Get Next to That App, Song, book or Video.
Create apple id without Credit card
Tap on Get
4. Then You will be asked to Sign in into your Apple Id, click on Create new. Then follow basic Instruction showing There Till You are asked for Payment Methods.
5. Now At Payment Options, select “None”. For Referance See The Image Below.
If you are Not getting Option Of None there, Here is What to do
Create Apple Id without Payment Method
Select None
6. Then you will see Email Verification Option, Remember to Verify your Email and you Have Done and Created Apple Id without Any Payment Method.

For Mac or PC:

1.Open iTunes and Open iTunes Store.
iTunes Store
iTunes Store
2.From the menu in the upper-left corner, choose Music, TV Shows, Apps or Books.
Create Apple Id without Payment Method
Select Anything
3.Download any free Thing from there.For finding free Items Click on Quick Links on the right side of the iTunes Store window for any link that includes the word “free.” Download any thing from there and Click on Get Just below its logo.
Create apple id without payment mehod on mac
Click on Get
4. When you are asked to sign in with apple Id, Click on create new apple ID.
5.Follow on screen Instructions and Select None as Payment Method.
See what to do if You are not getting Options of “None”.
Create Apple Id without Payment method
Select None
6. After that all process, Verify your Email when you will be asked for it and You have done.
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Source-  Apple ID Without Credit Card (MyTechWiki)